The Three Towers: Guaita, Cesta and Montale

The Three Towers: Guaita, Cesta and Montale

San Marino’s Towers are fortifications for defensive purposes documented since 1253.

the First Tower, also known as Rocca or Guaita, overlooks the cliff of Mount Titano and it is surrounded by the oldest set of walls which used to protect the Town of San Marino.

The Second Tower, called Cesta or Fratta, is located on the highest point of the Mount. The five-side donjon dates back to the XV century. The former guards’ rooms now host the Museum of Old Weapons, which was inaugurated in 1956.

The Montale, or “Third Tower”, is the smallest of the three fortifications. Inside there was a cell called tower well. It was 8-meter deep and it could be reached only from above using a ladder. Around the Montale you can still see big rocks roughly arranged in the shape of walls. This tower was very important during the wars against the Malatestas since it guarded some territories of this powerful family, which would be annexed to San Marino only in the XV century.

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