Life in the countryside

Life in the countryside

This itinerary starts from the Museum of Agriculture at Casa di Fabrica. Visitors will be told about everyday life and work in a farm: you can touch original tools and objects owned and used by our grandparents. After the visit, we will walk along trail no. 2 to see the Canepa canyon and watermills. Back to Casa di Fabrica, we can enjoy some snacks prepared with local products labelled Consorzio Terra di San Marino (bread, honey, cheese, wine, etc.).

NOTE: This tour is recommended for children on school trips (from 13 years of age) in addition to a guided tour of the old town centre of San Marino in the morning, or for people/small groups used to hiking experiences.   

We recommend the use of whisper devices to keep safe distance and in periods of large numbers of visitors to enjoy your experience. We can supply them to you.

All tours are customizable upon request. To adjust itineraries, contents and prices, do not hesitate to contact us at

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